Museum of Marine Life


Life on planet Earth began in the oceans and, as far as human science knows, in a unique way in the universe. It took about 3.8 billion years to evolve into the immense and complex web of different life forms which we ​​call biodiversity.


At the Museum of Marine Life you can discover some species that inhabited the oceans, especially in South America. Take a trip back in time and learn about marine evolution and biodiversity.


The exhibition has several marine animals, some of which are prehistoric species represented in the form of replicas, while there’s also real skeletons of nowadays species of reptiles, birds and some huge marine mammals like the humpback whales, which often passes through our region.


The intention of this Museum is to value this patrimony, sensitize its visitors, reminding them of where we come from, the importance of preserving these environments for humanity and, more than that, inviting them to reflect on where we want to go as a species, encouraging them to act in the present, aiming for a future in harmony with nature.


The material that makes up the collection comes from the 25 years of operation and research of the Ubatuba Aquarium and the Argonauta Institute.


The Argonauta Institute was founded in 1998 by the board members of the Ubatuba Aquarium and recognized in 2007 as a OSCIP (Public Interest Civil Society Organization). The Institute’s objective is the conservation of the environment, in particular the conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems. It supports and develops research projects, works with rescue and rehabilitation of marine fauna, environmental education and develops projects about solid waste in the marine environment, among other activities. The Argonauta Institute is also one of the institutions that executes the Santos Basin Beach Monitoring Project (PMP-BS).


Ticket prices are: R$ 21.00 (full-price, adults); and R$ 10.50 (half-price for students up to 17 years old with a student ID card, university students with document, teachers with ID card and children under 12 years old).


Admission is free for children up to 06 years old, seniors over 60 years old, and residents of Ubatuba, upon proof.


For resident registration, we are only doing it in person, for now. You must bring documents that prove your permanent residence in Ubatuba, such as voter registration, paycheck, work card, children’s school documentation, student ID, or school report card. Along with an identity document which can be a driver’s license, a regular ID card, or a passport.




Happy with your interest in visiting us, we are at your disposal.
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